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Below are some of the authentic Corfu dishes, famous in Greece and Europe, and served around the island. 

Corfu is well known for its delicious cuisine influenced by its conquerors; Italian, Turkish, German and Greek references are present in every dish. With the Venetians holding the biggest impact on the culture of Corfu, the Corfiot cuisine is a little different than the typical Greek or Mediterranean cuisines. Though the ingredients, olive oil, pepper, past, vegetable, fish and meat are the same, the combination is different. The climate conditions (humidity and heavy rains during the winter) affect the vegetation of the island.

The locals prefer to cook in casseroles rather than frying or roasting. Since the ancient years, people made their own bread, wine and oil, they were cooking collectively and they would create dishes with lots of broth, where they dipped their bread.

Below are some of the authentic Corfu dishes, famous in Greece and Europe, and served around the island. 



Bourdetto is usually made with scorpion fish or salty cod, cooked in a sauce and a lot of red pepper and is the traditional plate served on March 25th.



Pastitsada is made with a cockerel cooked in a casserole with fresh tomatoes, onion, cinnamon and paprika and it’s usually served with thick pasta. This recipe came directly from the Venetians, who called it Spezzatino which was made with beef, rather than cockerel and served with potatoes instead of pasta. Pastitsada is the locals’ favorite dish and it’s served in special family celebrations and holidays.

Famous Soffrito


Soffrito is yet another famous Corfiat dish influenced by the Frankish-Venetian period, made of beef stewed in a white sauce with white pepper and garlic, served with mashed potatoes or pasta. The dish is a traditional Sunday dish.



Tsigarelli is a dish consisting of wild greens sautéed with garlic and hot paprika. 



Bianco, meaning white in Italian, is Fish (scorpion or grey mullet) cooked in a casserole with lemon juice, garlic and pepper.



Savoro or savouri is fried fish in a rosemary sauce, vinegar, garlic and raisins, usually served with Bourdettoon March 25th (national and religious holiday) or on Palm Sunday.

Roasted Easter Lamb


The Easter lamb is roasted on the spit, however in Corfu it’s usually prepared and served on Easter Monday, instead of Sunday as elsewhere in Greece.

Avgolemono Soup

avgolemono 2

Avgolemono Soup is a broth made of eggs and lemon sauce, beef or lamb served on Easter Sunday. 



Tsilihourda (Mayeritsa) is the traditional soup cooked on the evening of Easter Saturday and eaten after Resurrection (after midnight).

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