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Due to rich historical and cultural heritage the museums in Corfu are many and offer a wide variety of exhibits from Neolithic times to the present, there are also cultural museums dedicated to the rich intellectual life of the Ionian Islands, a bright example is Corfu Reading Society.


Museum of Asian Art – Palace of Saints Michael and George

Palace of St Michael and St George


The Museum of Asian Art is 27 mins away from Serenità Apartments approximately 15,9km (the only Asian art museum in Greece), is housed in a beautiful building of the British Protectorate, designed by George Whitmore. Initially it was the residence of the High Commissioner and then as the headquarters of the Knights of St. Michael and St. George. The museum hosts about 11.000 items of statuettes from China, bronze ritual vases, masks from the No Theater, Greek-Buddhist sculptures, nephrite objects, Chinese porcelain items and samurai armors.

Winter and summer operating hours differ (Monday it’s always closed), for exact details call 22610 30443.

Corfu Reading Society Library

Founded in 1836 during the English Protection, the Reading Society’s Library  is 28 mins away from Serenità Apartments approximately 16km and it is the oldest intellectual institution in Greece. The library houses rare editions, valuable manuscripts, maps, engravings, newspapers, booklets and photographs, related to the history of the Ionian Islands and an incredible collection of paintings and icons.

Open daily from 9am till 2pm (except Sundays). 

Byzantine Museum of Antivouniotissa



The church of Panagia Antivouniotissa located in the Old Town is 29 mins away from Serenità Apartments approximately 16,2km, was built around the 15th century and is the oldest church in the city. It hosts some amazing icons of Virgin Mary, Agios Sergios, Agios Dimitrios and of Kyrillos Alexandrias. Dont forget to check our CHURCHES & MONASTERIES CORFU GUIDE.

Open daily from 8.30am till 3pm (except Mondays).

Corfu archaeological museum

Gorgon at the Archaeological Museum in Corfu


Corfu Archaeological museum is located 26 mins away from Serenità Apartments approximately 14,3km in Garitsa near the seaside boulevard in the street of Armeni Braila 1. Built in the 60s under the standards followed then for buildings intended to be Museums and started its operation at September of 1967. Its the larger of Corfu museums, a two floor building with a courtyard garden and a balcony at the south and east side of the first floor. The vast bulk of the exhibits are located on the first floor which comprises by four rooms and a hallway.

The largest western hall along with other artifacts from ancient temples of Palaiopolis is the pediment of the Temple of Artemis in 580 b.c with gigantic dimensions, 17 meters width and 3 meters height and its central theme is the mythical monstrous Gorgon.

Major exhibits are the archaic funerary lion of Menekratis (late 7th century bc) found in the circular cenotaph of Menekratis, the left side of an archaic pediment (the pediment of Dionysus 500 BC) with dimensions of 2.73 meters long and about 1 meter in height that was found in Figareto and depicts of a Dionysiac banquet scene, the bronze statuette of a young “komastos” (570 BC) who runs and on his left hand holds a “rhyton”, the head of a kouros of 6th century b.c which was found in excavations of Paleopolis in Mon Repos, a clay statuette of Artemis (490 BC) found in Kanoni, the kouros of Corfu (530 BC) from Parian marble headstone and the Arniada (630-600 BC) found in the ancient cemetery near Garitsa.

In the museum there are finds of Palaeolithic and Early Bronze Age as well as recent articles of the Hellenistic and Roman period. If someone wants to visit both the Museum, the Old Fortress, the Temple of Antivouniotissa and the Asian Art Museum can purchase a ticket for all with 8 €, ie minus 4 €. The Museum is located at Armeni Braila 1 street and the phone is: 26610 30680

Museum of Banknotes

Corfu Banknote Museum


Museum of Banknotes is 26 mins away from Serenità Apartments approximately 14,8km, a unique museum that is operating since 1981 and is housed in the Neoclassical building of the Ionian Bank in the Square of heros known as the Plakada of Saint Spiridon, there was the first ever Greek bank in 1839, when Corfu and other Ionian Islands were still constituted the Ionian state. Along with the exhibits it shows the history and method of production. This is the only museum of its kind operating in Greece and one of the few in the world, it contains a remarkable collection of rare coins, dies print photos and artwork.

Remarkably, it shows all stages of production notes, starting from the initial design and production of paper as a way of destruction at old kilns. Among them: the notes issued by the Ionian Bank from 1839 until 1920. Also, the first notes that were released in liberated Greece in 1831 during the government of Ioannis Kapodistrias, the first notes released by the National Bank of Greece in 1840. It is worth seeing and collecting notes from the post-war period from various countries and the Chinese note dating from 1300 which is one of the oldest surviving in the world.

The phone of the Museum is: 26610 41552

Solomos Museum

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The home of our National poet Dionisios Solomos in the third end of Arseniou street at Mouragia has been turned into a museum 29 mins away from Serenità Apartments approximately 16,4km, it is the place where the Poet lived for 30 years and inspired his poems. It presents furniture, personal items, photographs and historical material from his life.

Museum of Ioannis Kapodistrias 

A museum in honor to the first governor of Greece and a large child of Corfu, Ioannis Kapodistrias, was missing from Corfu. This large gap was filled in 1981 with the establishment of the Centre of Kapodistrian Studies – Museum of Kapodistrias. The museum is located 17 mins away from Serenità Apartments approximately 10,2km, near the village of Evropouli, 3 km from Corfu town, in a place called Koukouritsa, housed in an estate owned by Kapodistrias family and donated by a descendent of Kapodistrias and former mayor of Corfu from 1956 to 1959 Mary Desylla – Kapodistrias. The exhibits are personal belongings of the governor, furnishings of that period and other personal things.

The address is: Centre of Kapodistrian Studies, POBox 49100 Eyropouloi – Corfu.
Phones are: +30 26610 39528 or +30 26 610 32 440

Municipal library 

corfu public library 02

Contains some of the greatest works of painters from Eptanese of the 19th century, also engravings and sculptures. Municipal library is 26 mins away from Serenità Apartments approximately 14,4km, originally housed in a building of Dalietos legacies, today is housed in the palace of Saint Michael and Saint George.

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Note: We have tried to make this list as up to date as possible but phones change from time to time. We cannot be held responsible if any of this information is innacurate. We strongly advise that you double check all times with your accommodation or in the resort itself.

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