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Corfu is unique in providing so many diverse holiday locations. Its beaches are no exception, with long sweeping sandy bays, little rocky coves, or deserted bays. Corfu can easily offer you all of these beaches. Here is a list of the quiet beaches of Corfu 

Agios Spiridon beach


The location

Agios Spiridon is 59 mins away from Serenità Apartments approximately 36km has two beautiful bays overlooking the dramatic hills of Albania. As soon as you reach the bay at the bottom of the road the turquoise of the sea stuns you, this is truly a stunning bay with the flatness of the beach offset by the ruggedness of the rocks either side of the two beaches.

Type:mostly sandy
Size: small-size but wide
Facilities: deck-chairs and beach-umbrellas for rent. There are also public showers and toilets
Activities: you can rent kayak and pedalos
Food: there are some local restaurants and bars near the beach
Description: Aghios Spiridon is a calm beach, far from the coast road. 
Very close to the beach there’s a small lake called Andinioti behind of which you can find another small beach.

Ermones beach


The location

Ermones beach is 5 mins away from Serenità Apartments approximately 1,5km and it is a small cove nestling between dramatic hills.

Type:sand with small rocks along the sides of the beach
Size: average-size
Facilities: beach-umbrellas and deck-chairs for rent
Activities:pedalos for rent and it is possible to dive
Food: some restaurants on the beach and along the road to reach it
Description: a nice lonely bay but a little bit far from the road and from other beaches. 
Ermones bay is surrounded by some hills and has sand in the middle and rocks on the two sides.  It’s a lonely place ideal to relax far away from big tourist villages.

Agnos Beach


quiet 3

The location

Agnos beach is 55 mins away from Serenità Apartments approximately 38,7km and it is just outside of Roda. It's a very quiet you will relax on.

Kerasia beach


The location

Kerasia beach is 58 mins away from Serenità Apartments approximately 34,3km and it is a quiet cove situated between Kouloura and Agios Stephanos. It is mainly just one long sweeping beach and is quite stunning.There is just one Taverna and a scattering of villas. During lunchtime, the occasional day trip boat may arrive - but they soon depart! Prince Charles and Lord Sainsbury are regulars.

Type: white pebbles
Size: average dimensions
Facilities: public toilets, showers and beach-umbrellas and deck-chairs for rent 
Activities: there’s the possibility to rent pedalos and kayak
Food: there’s only one restaurant on the beach, if you want more choice you have to reach the next bay of Aghios Stefanos Sinion
Description: to reach Kerassia bay the road is long and pass through Aghios Stefanou village, but you will be rewarded by its beauty. 

Avlaki beach


The location

Agios Spiridon is 58 mins away from Serenità Apartments approximately 36km and it is situated between the village of Agios Stephanos to the south and the bigger livelier resort of Kassiopi to the North, Avlaki is relatively unknown to most of Corfu's visitors. It is a long beautiful bay with clear sea - a few villas and just two tavernas. It is a very quiet beach, even in during the months of July and August/ During the afternoon a sea breeze helps cool the midday heat.

Type: white pebbles
Size:very long and wide
Facilities: there are public toilet with showers and possibility to rent beach-umbrellas and deck-chairs
Activities: you can rent pedalos, kayak and small boats and there is also a sailing school.
Food: there are a couple of restaurants and a snack bar near the beach
Description: Avlaki is the first beach, coming from the town of Corfu, that is not in front of Albania. In fact the bay is oriented in the direction of Kassiopi, that is just 2 km far from here. Avlaki bay is very big but never crowded. During the afternoon the wind raises up and this place becomes perfect for sailing lovers.

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