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Corfu is unique in providing so many diverse holiday locations. Its beaches are no exception, with long sweeping sandy bays, little rocky coves, or deserted bays. Corfu can easily offer you all of these beaches. Here is a list of the Idyllic beaches of Corfu

Canal d'Amour


The location

“Channel of Love” is 54 mins away from Serenità Apartments approximately 36,7km. To reach this beach you just have to pass the town of Sidari and go towards Peroulades. On your right there is a small sign that will drive you to the channel.

Type:dark sand
Size: very small
Facilities: beach-umbrellas and deck-chairs for rent
Food: just behind the Canal d’Amour you can find restaurants and snack bars with swimming pool



The location

Nisaki is a small beach 37 mins away from Serenità Apartments approximately 23,2km. with a lovely clean water. On the left side of the beach there is an ideal area for snorkeling near the rocky coast and there are also others lonely small bays. At an end of the beach there is also a pier from which you can dive into the sea.

Type: white pebbles and rocks
Size: small-size, it's lovely and quiet
Facilities: no tourist facilities except a chute to put small boats into the sea
Activities: you can take a boat for rent or play water sports
Food: you will find few restaurants and a bar just on the beach



The location

Kaminaki is a small bay and it is perfect if you like to discover this part of coast renting a boat 42 mins away from Serenità Apartments approximately 25,8km. Kaminaki is not one of the most famous beaches in Corfu, therefore it’s very quiet also in the high season.

Τype: white pebbles
Size: small-size but very wide
Facilities: public showers and beach-umbrellas and deck-chairs for hire
Activities: you can take boats for rent and, during the high season, play water sports
Food: there are no snack bars, but you can relax choosing between two restaurants



The location

Agni is 46 mins away from Serenità Apartments approximately 28,4km one of the several small beaches in this part of the coast. The bay is small with a pear where you can take a taxi boat to visit some close beaches. The sea is very clean and becomes deep quickly.

Type: both sand and pebbles
Size: small-size
Facilities: possibility to rent beach-umbrellas and deck-chairs
Food: there are few small restaurants near the beach

Chomoi beach


The location

Virgin place... 25 mins away from Serenità Apartments approximately 10km  That is the name many of us would give! Chomoi beach near the village of Liapades and Palaiokastritsa, is one of the few hidden beaches of the island. The turquoise and crystal clear waters have been awarded with the Blue Flag, and you can see the reason. It consists mainly of pebbles and access become only by boat. You should have with you the necessities of food and drink.

We advise you, if you are in Corfu, to visit it!



The location

Paleokastritsa is 21 mins away from Serenità Apartments approximately 16,8km an area with five different small bays. The principal one is placed just under the ancient monastery and is the most tourist due to its dimensions. Another beach is close to the pear where you can see several luxury boats during the high season. To reach the other bays you should have your own boat or use the taxi boat service. This area is ideal also for those who love snorkeling, the sea is deep and the water is a little bit cold.

Type:both sand and pebbles
Size: there are several small bays that are included into Paleokastritsa area
Facilities: deck-chairs and beach-umbrellas available on every beach, while in the bigger one there are also showers and public toilets
Activities:you can take a boat for rent to visit some spectacular sea caves. There are also a diving centre and some taxi boats
Food: in the small village of Paleokastriza there are local restaurants, pubs and snack bars

Mirtiotissas Beach


The location

A lonely beach, maybe for this reason it has became a tolerated nudism bay located 8 mins away from Serenità Apartments approximately 2,9km.

Type: beach with sand but surrounded by rocks that are also in the sea
Size: small but wide
Facilities:free beach without tourist facilities
Food: near this beach you can find the small and traditional village of Pelekas with some local restaurants where you can have a break

Arilas Beach


The location

This beach is the ideal place for families with children because it is very calm located 51 mins away from Serenità Apartments approximately 33,8km. There is the sand only near the sea, the rest part of the beach is rocky. The sea here is not very deep and in front of Arila beach there are some small islets which are possible to reach by swimming being in a good physical condition!

Type: sand and pebbles
Size: very long but not very wide
Facilities: beach-umbrellas and deck-chairs for rent
Activities: is possible to take for rent pedalos, boats, kayak and windsurf
Food: there are some local restaurants and pubs along the beach

Barbati Beach


The location

This is one of the several beaches in Corfu that obtained the Blue Flag for its clean water located 35 mins away from Serenità Apartments approximately 21,1km. The town of Barbati is developed close to Pantokratoras mountain and from here you have an unforgettable view over Corfù town and Albania. To reach the beach you have to take the street that from the coast road goes down to the sea. Behind the beach there is a green area where you can relax under the olive trees shadow.

Type: sand and pebbles all together
Size: it is of average-size but not very wide
Facilities: changing rooms, public showers, beach-umbrellas and deck-chairs for rent
Activities: there are two motorboats rentals and water sports like Banana
Food: there are restaurants and small bars both on the beach and in the village of Barbati

Gouvia Beach


The location

The beach is small but well equipped and Gouvia is one of the most developed village on Corfu island located 19 mins away from Serenità Apartments approximately 10,6km. From the beach there is a nice view over the bay and Ipapandi church. Moreover in Gouvia there’s a very well organised port called "Gouvia Marina" that is next to some old Venetian ruins.

Type: pebbles
Size: small-size
Facilities: beach-umbrellas and deck-chairs for rent
Activities: water sports and organised boat tours
Food: just behind the beach you can find many restaurants or snack bars in the tourist village of Gouvia

Dasia Beach


The location

Dasia beach is developed along the village, therefore it’s long and narrow located 23 mins away from Serenità Apartments approximately 14,5km. In this part of the coast the sea is calm and from the bay you have a stunning view over Albanian mountains and coastline. Moreover in the sea has been constructed a platform from which dive and which is the point of departure to make water sports.

Type: sand and pebbles
Size: average dimensions, long and narrow
Facilities: beach-umbrellas and deck-chairs for rent
Activities: water sports, pedaloes and boats for rent
Food: you can choose between some snack bars on the beach and others in the village behind

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