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With clean water and surrounded by lush greenery, beaches in Corfu attract many visitors every summer. Amazing sandy beaches suitable for children, to play with the sand, can be found in corfu and this is their guide.


Aghios Gordios beach


The location

Aghios Gordios is 19 mins away from Serenità Apartments approximately 12,7km one of the biggest bay along the West coast of Corfu island. You can come here with your own vehicle or using public transport such as buses leaving from Kerkyra town. The beach is extremely long with marvelous sand and is well equipped for tourists. This place is perfect for those who like to walk along the beach and it has not very deep sea. Very particular is “Ortholithi”, a big rock coming out from the sea in the South part of the bay.  To reach this beach you just have to pass the town of Sidari and go towards Peroulades. On your right there is a small sign that will drive you to the channel.

Type: sandy beach
Size: long as the same gulf
Facilities: you can find deck-chairs, beach-umbrellas, showers and public toilets
Activities: a water sports centre where you can rent pedalos and kayak
Food: there are several restaurants and bars along the beach and in the village 

Glifada beach


The location

The sand of this bay is so beautiful that make this beach one of the most popular of Corfu island 11 mins away from Serenità Apartments approximately 4,8km. The sea is not very deep and it’s perfect for small children.

Type: sand very thin
Size: very wide and pretty long
Facilities: public toilets, showers, beach-umbrellas and deck-chairs for rent
Activities: you can take for rent boats, pedalos, kayak and also play water sports
Food: there are different local restaurants and snack bars that provide service directly to the beach

Agios Georgios (Saint George) North beach


The location

Agios Georgios is placed 48 mins away from Serenità Apartments approximately 27,8km in one of the largest bay of Corfu island and if you come from Paleokastritsa you can have a really stunning view all over the beach. It is so long that you can always find privacy and relax.

Type: sand
Size: extremely long as the entire gulf 
Facilities: on the beach you can find beach-umbrellas and deck-chairs for rent
Activities: water sports available during the high season and possibility to rent windsurf in the most windy days
Food: in front of the beach and in the nearest village there are some small places where you can eat fish

Agios Georgios (Staint George) South beach


The location

Aghios Georgiou is placed 51 mins away from Serenità Apartments approximately 34km a small village developed along the sea that offers different sandy beaches equipped for tourists. All the beaches are bordered by the coast road, but they have also privacy as they are surrounded by huge vegetation. The sea is not very deep. is placed 59 mins away from Kadith apartments approximately 37km

Type: sand
Size: longer than wide
Facilities:beach-umbrellas and deck-chairs for rent
Activities: there is the possibility to rent boats or play water sports as windsurfing and ski-jets
Food: you can find several restaurants and snack bars in the village of Aghios Georgios

Longa beach


The location

To arrive at Longa beach you have to pass through Peroulathes and reach the coast where a path will take you down to the beach located 56 mins away from Serenità Apartments approximately 38,8kmAs this beach is very short, when the sea is in bad conditions the water covers the entire bay.

Type: sand
Size: average-size but not very wide
Food: a snack bar on the top and a restaurant near the village of Peroulathes

Halikounas beach


The location

Very particular as you’ll have the sea in front of you and the lake just behind you. You don’t find a lot of people even in the high season and there is often a lot of wind. Located 47 mins away from Serenità Apartments approximately 27,8km.

Type: sand
Size: it’s more than 3 km long and very wide
Facilities: no equipment in this beach
Activities: none, but if you have windsurfing equipment bring it!
Food: there is nothing near this beach

Acharavi beach

acharavi beach 3

The location

From the main coast road there are different small streets that will bring you towards this beach. Akaravi bay is a very calm place since it is located far from the main road and the low sea level is perfect for children. Located 51 mins away from Serenità Apartments approximately 36,2km.

Type: sand and pebbles
Size: about 3 kilometres long
Facilities: you can find few deck-chairs and beach umbrellas for rent
Activities: there’s the possibility to rent small boats, play water sports and have a diving experience
Food: some restaurants and snack bars are placed along the beach, but you’ll have a bigger choice inside the village

Sidari beach


The location

Sidari is located 48 mins away from Serenità Apartments approximately 34,7km, big and developed tourist town with different beaches and small bays. The main beaches of Sidari are three: the first is the famous Canal d’Amour (Love Channel of Sidhari); the second one is very tourist because runs along the town and is an extremely long sandy beach; the third is a nice and small bay, surrounded by several rocks shaped by the wind.

Type: white sand on the big beach and dark sand on the small one
Size: there are two beaches: one small close to the pear and the other very long along the east side of Sidari village
Facilities: you can find hundreds of beach-umbrellas and deck-chairs on the big beach
Activities: you can rent pedalos, kayak and motor boats. There are also a diving centre and water sports
Food: close to both beaches there are many bars, pubs and restaurants

Agios (Saint) Stephanos (NW) beach


The location

Aghios Stefanos is 57 mins away from Serenità Apartments approximately 36,5km a small fishermen village developed along the beach. From the top this small bay is spectacular and it's a landing place perfect to leave the boat. The beach runs along the coast and it seems smaller than it is really. From both sides the beach continues and is not very wide but it is quite long. In this particular town there are a lot of tourists during the high season that arrive with boat tours.

Type: both sand and pebbles
Size: it's the small beach of a nice gulf
Facilities: possibility to rent beach-umbrellas and deck-chairs
Activities: there are two different boats rentals
Food: in front of the beach and in the village you can find some restaurants and snack bars

Kondogialos - Pelekas beach


The location

Kontogialos is 11 mins away from Serenità Apartments approximately 6,2km, but it is also well known as Pelekas bay because in order to come here you have to pass this traditional village. This beach is ideal if you’re looking for a peaceful place, a sandy bay and not very deep sea.

Type: sand very thin
Size: average-size but extremely wide
Facilities: beach-umbrellas and deck-chairs for rent
Activities: possibility to play different water sports
Food: you will find some small restaurants along the sea side

Benitses beach


The location

Near Benitses there are more then one beaches located  30 mins away from Serenità Apartments approximately 19km. The biggest one is full of tourist facilities, while the other bays are more calm and relaxing. Near the biggest beach there’s also a small pear for those who own a boat.

Type: sand and pebbles
Size: average-size
Facilities: it is possible to rent beach-umbrellas and deck-chairs
Activities: is possible to take boats, pedalos and ski-jets for rent or just play water sports
Food: there are many choices, most of them are snack bars and fast food.

Issos beach


The location

Issos beach is located 50 mins away from Serenità Apartments approximately 32,4km. Very flat and not deep sea. Near the South part of Isou there are some tourist structures and a little pear.

Type: sand
Size: very long and wide
Facilities: beach-umbrellas and deck-chairs for rent
Activities: you can rent pedalos
Food: some restaurants at the end of the beach

Ipsos beach


The location

Ipsos beach is located 25 mins away from Serenità Apartments approximately 15,9km, placed into a very large bay and the town is developed along the coast. The sea is not deep, it is good for small children and the water is extraordinary clean. If you have a boat consider that on the left side of this bay there’s a small pear.

Type: sandy bay
Size: large dimensions, it is longer than wide
Facilities: beach-umbrellas and deck-chairs for rent and showers 
Activities: water sports, pedalos, motor boats for rent and diving centre
Food: there are local restaurants and snack bar along the entire beach

Kavos beach


The location

Kavos beach is located  1 hour 10 mins away from Serenità Apartments approximately 50km, the most crowded beach and village of all Corfu, and in high season you can feel as you are in England! The beach is sandy, full of tourist facilities and perfect also if you have small children as the sea is not deep.  Water is very light blue and is very calm to swim in

Type: sand
Size: extremely long, more than 3 km
Facilities: beach-umbrellas and deck-chairs for rent
Activities: there are some water sports centre and it is possible to rent pedalos and small boats
Food: there is a great choice of restaurants, fast food and international bars along the beach

Gialiskari beach


The location

Gialiskari beach is located 48 mins away from Serenità Apartments approximately 29km. It is a very quiet beach with the bottom of the sea sandy and rocky. When you reach the sea you can see on your right the beach and on your left a small pier with a strange shape. In front of the beach some rocks come out from the sea.

Type: sand
Size: short but wide
Facilities: beach-umbrellas and deck-chairs for rent
Food: there are a couple of restaurants on the beach

Komeno Beach


The location

Kommeno sits on a tiny peninsula 23 mins away from Serenità Apartments approximately 23,3km just from the east coast of the island, halfway between Corfu Town and Ipsos, on the north side of Gouvia Bay. It's on a wooded headland with superb scenery and views taking in the sweep of the bay as well as Kontokali marina and even Corfu Town. Komeno is a spot for a quiet holiday. There are several small, sandy beaches and two public swimming pools. Large hotels with all amenities provide the accommodation. There is a small selection of tavernas.

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